Sweet dreams: Rwandan Women Whip Up First Ice-Cream Parlour

MDG : Inzozi Inziza, Sweet Dreams, first local ice cream shop in Rwanda

All across Rwanda, including parts of neighbouring Burundi, people flock to the southern town of Butare to a little shop called Inzozi Nziza (Sweet Dreams). They come for a taste of the unknown, something most have never tasted – the sweet, cold, velvety embrace of ice-cream.

Here, at the central African country’s first ice-cream parlour, customers can buy scoops in sweet cream, passion fruit, strawberry and pineapple flavours. Toppings include fresh fruit, honey, chocolate chips and granola. Black tea and coffee are also on sale.

The shop, which has “ice-cream, coffee, dreams” across its signage, is milking local curiosity about the dessert – and “changing lives” in the process, says Inzozi Nziza’s manager, Louise Ingabire.

“Ice-cream is important,” she says between mouthfuls of a honey-flavoured offering. “Some Rwandans like ice-cream, but it’s a new thing. We still have some work to do, to tell others that they’ll enjoy it.” FULL STORY

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